Rover 75 / mg ztt clutch master cylinder RHD version




This product is designed for Rover 75 and MG ZTT , petrol and diesel variants.

What is the clutch master cylinder ?

  • It converts drivers muscle power into the hydraulic pressure.
  • Pressure controls the clutch slave cylinder that pulls or pushes the clutch plate to the flywheel.

Why should i replace it ?

  • In order to restore the proper operation of the vehicle power train.
  • In order to improve safety.

When should I replace the master cylinder ?

  • When it leaks and hydraulic fluid spillage will occur.
  • Gear change requires much more force than usual or is completely impossible.
  • Hydraulic fluid gets dark, dirty colour. This indicates excessive wear of clutch master cylinder and its piston.
  • Inability to properly bleed the system – a soft clutch pedal.

Tazu Parts product advantages

  • Manufactured under the technical specifications of automotive quality standard ISO / TS 16949
  • Reinforced body is made out of aluminium instead of plastic like the original part. This significantly prolongs the service life of this component and highly improves car reliability.
  • Solid one-piece piston with replaceable seals provides high reliability and smooth operation. This is a big improvement over the original complex and highly defective part.
  • Easy and quick installation, allows you to do it yourself !

Below You can find clutch master cylinder installation guide for Rover 75 / MG ZT car.


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