Cars and engineering are our passion, that’s why we always do our best to develop quality products. We look back at the best decades of automotive industry, when the cars and its components were designed and built to last and serve for many years in all kinds of conditions. Today we can observe a departure from this rule – very often the quality is lower than in the past and the major factor in components design is the lowest possible price and fastest time of production. We in Tazu try to work in different way – our products are manufactured basing on this two major for us rules :


  • DURABILITY : We always try to use the best materials – steel and aluminium alloys are winning over plastics. We put a lot of effort into the components design to maximize its service life.  We want to ensure our customers, that servicing their cars with our parts is a right and economic choice.
  • RELIABILITY : We test our products not only in laboratory’s but primarily in real world road environment.  Operating in harsh conditions like vibrations, overload, significant temperature changes or aggressive chemical environment allows us to quickly eliminate any kind of design flaws and ensure the highest reliability in